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November 28, 2003

insomniaTV: Dark Angel

Continuing the series on late night shows I watch on account of being an insomniac...

They designed her to be the perfect soldier...
a human weapon...then she escaped.
In a future not far from now...in a broken world...
she is haunted by her past.
She cannot run, she must fight...to discover her destiny
I love Dark Angel. It is on of my favourite all time TV series second only to Buffy. It sneaks into the late night category as reruns have just started in the 11pm timeslot.

I was gutted when this show was cancelled after only two seasons, it showed a lot of promise but maybe it was too subversive in the current climate.

TV Tome describes the show,

Max is a genetically-enhanced human prototype hunted by her former military handlers through the edgy, underground street life of 21st Century America. Max is aided in her quest - both to avoid capture and reunite with her "siblings" scattered in the aftermath of their escape - by Logan Cale, an idealistic cyber-journalist battling repression and corruption in post-apocalypse.

The show is set in Seattle years after terrorists set off an electro magnetic pulse destroying industry in the US and hurtling the country into third world conditions where politicians and the authorities are corrupt and citizens scrounge out an existence any way they can.

Jessica Alba is great as the street wise Max. Here entirely engaging performance makes of for weaknesses in plot and script and I loved the chemistry between her character and Logan played by Michael Weatherly. (Off screen the two co-stars were engaged but i don't know if they are still together or not).

Watching the reruns has reminded me how much I loved the character and how much I miss the show. It was just getting really interesting with Max uniting all the transgenics, outcasts from normal society into a nation. It just left the plot hanging.

[Warning: don't read this if you haven't seen the series and don't like spoilers]
In Season One Max is busy evading recapture and return to, Manticore, the facility she and her comrades escaped from as kids. By the end of the season she has been recaptured but in Season Two things take a sharp turn when Max destroys Manticore and releases all the transgenics, many of whom look far from human. The rest of the season revolves around Max and the transgenics that start to collect around her helping their kind evade recapture. By the end of the series we find out that there is an ancient society, of deliberately bred super humans who plan to destroy the human race. They have in their possession some kind of disease that will kill everyone except themselves. It turns out the father of the transgenic experiments was trying to isolate the DNA that make this cult immune to the disease and he finally succeeds with Max. These guys are pretty keen to find and kill max.

And the series ends, with a declaration of the formation of a transgenic nation and a siege situation with the authorities and the major plot strands still up in the air.

Hopefully one day Creator James Cameron will make a telemovie to round off the series. This is definitely a show you should catch if you are into good sci fi and girls who kick butt but good.

You can find links to fan sites here.

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