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November 30, 2003

Flash Fun

This is a fun site. Check it out.

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The internet is shit?

A thought provoking (but anonymous!!!) musing, the Internet Is Shit, laments the state of the web today. [Courtesy Chris Papasadero via KALIBER10000]

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100 Greatest Sexy Moments

Check out Channel Four's 100 Greatest Sexy Moments, Sarah Michelle Gellar's Cruel Intentions comes in at Number 2 (second only to Ursula Andress' intro scene in Dr. No) and the first Buffy/Spike love scene from Season Six makes it in at Number 40. [Link courtesy WHEDONesque]

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Maki slams backward thinking entertainment industry

I just came across this interesting post from Makiko Itoh from a while back,

It seems that the FCC, egged on by the TV industry, further wants to restrict the way in which TV shows are recorded and distributed. Well enough, but then are they going to give consumers the ability to view their products through legal means? If they figured something out, they could make a nice income. But since so far they have not shown this kind of flexible, forward-looking thinking, I just hope that by the time these digital-encoding systems come out that there will be ways to circumvent them...The powers that be seem more intent on trying to suppress, control and threaten, using their battalions of lawyers rather than adapt to new ways of distributing their products. So until they get their 20th century heads out of their asses, some of us go around circumventing their arcane "laws".

On a totally unrelated point be sure to check out Maki's new food blog ( hosted by Typepad) Just Hungry, very elegant, makes you hungry too.

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November 29, 2003

Transvestite Kickboxer Subject of Movie

I have two very good friends working in Thailand at the moment. This one's for them...and no they're not transvestite kickboxers.

He'd put on mascara, a layer of blush, bright red lipstick and finally the gloves before stepping into the testosterone-charged ring to knock the stuffing out of his opponents. Now Parinya Charoenphol, one of Thailand's most famous kickboxers, is the subject of a movie. [Yahoo! News - Entertainment] More...

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Pentagon Funds Pro-U.S. Network in Iraq

Oh what a tangled web we weave...

Pentagon Funds Pro-U.S. Network in Iraq One of the chief U.S. weapons in the battle to win Iraqi hearts and minds is Al-Iraqiya — a Pentagon-funded TV station with an optimistic, pro-American slant. Announcers on Al-Iraqiya, which reaches 85 percent of Iraqis, decry the guerrillas attacking U.S. military and Iraqi civilian targets as "terrorists." Problem is, those Iraqis fortunate enough to have satellite dishes consider Al-Iraqiya stodgy and slow on breaking news. They prefer Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya, the flashy Gulf-based stations where anti-American fighters are branded "resisters." [Yahoo! News - Entertainment]

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Oh dear... plans satellite tracking of asylum seekers UK asylum seekers are to be electronically tagged as part of plans to introduce tougher immigration controls announced by the Home Office yesterday. The government is putting forward electronic tagging as an alternative to detention for those unable to offer suitable sureties in immigration control cases. Enabling powers to introduce tagging or tracking are to be included in the forthcoming Asylum and Immigration (Treatment of Claimants, etc) Bill. [The Register]

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Live global webcast for Aids gig

Forgetting for a moment his actual record whilst President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela was a childhood hero of mine. I watched the live telecast of his release from prison back in the eighties with a tear in my eye. It was an historic occasion marking the beginning of the end of Apartheid. Today he still remains a living icon for the struggle for human rights. Now he is about to make history again in the name of another worthy cause.

Nelson Mandela's Aids Day Concert is to be webcast globally live and free on Saturday, in what will be the world's biggest charity event on the net. The concert kicks off the 46664 campaign to raise HIV/Aids awareness through music. 46664 was the prison number of Nelson Mandela on Robben Island, Cape Town where he was held in captivity for 18 years.Mr Mandela asked Dave Stewart of Eurythmics and the late Joe Strummer to write lyrics for a song which included the number. The Eurythmics star finished the song with Bono earlier this year, and it was recorded as the first in a series of tracks penned especially for the campaign. [BBC News | TECHNOLOGY] More

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November 28, 2003

High Court Urged to Hear Comic Book Case

Seems like rights afforded under the the US Constitution have been taking a real beating of late...

High Court Urged to Hear Comic Book Case
AP - Hollywood has a message for the Supreme Court: comic books are good, constitutionally protected fun. A who's who from the entertainment world asked the court this week to review a case involving a comic book creator accused of defaming former professional hockey player Tony Twist by naming a nasty mafia character after him, Antonio "Tony Twist" Twistelli. [Courtesy Yahoo! News - Entertainment]

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Buffy honoured at the Epic Awards 2003.

Geez, praise for Buffy comes from the wierdest places, but not the Emmys never the Emmys...

Recently Buffy was honoured at the Epic Awards 2003 in the 2003 EPIC Television Movies and Series Honorees category,

An event run by The White House Project which works to create a climate in America where it is normal for women to be governors, CEOs and president. [Courtesy WHEDONesque]

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