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November 13, 2003

Why girls and games are a good mix

A rarely seen perspective on games,

What the games industry is about is making good games for everyone, and there is a huge variety of excellent games out there begging to be played...But the real challenge lies in telling people about them, and one of the main problems is the way a lot of games are marketed...Generally, games advertising is not targeted at anyone other than males...Most video game adverts appear in gaming magazines, and many of the adverts that do appear depict gamers as male...This only serves to reinforce the stereotype that only males play games and that they are something that a female would not be interested in... I do think video game adverts in a girl's/woman's magazine might attract even more interest than currently exists.

From Why girls and games are a good mix, A female games developer argues the way video games are marketed is to blame for the enduring "geek" image. [BBC News | TECHNOLOGY]

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