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January 02, 2004

World Idol: Congratulations Kurt Nilsen

Kurt Nilsen of Norway has won World Idol with Kelly Clarkson of the USA coming a close second. Belgium's Peter Evrard came third.

Kurt who sang U2s Beautiful Day consistently received 10 points with Kelly who sang You Make Me Feel Like A natural Woman consistently receiving 9 points from most every country.

It's not really a surprise that the the result came down to these two both of whom gave great performances.

Unfortunately, Guy didn't score much above the 5s and 6s. As others have said in comments on this blog he probably could have chosen a song that would have made more of an impact on the night. Guy sang his original arrangement of What A Wonderful World.

Judging by the top scorers, it was clearly the "big" songs, the ones that really showed what the singers were made of, that seemed to leave an impression on audiences. No surprises there I guess.

It's just my impression but Kelly seemed a little surprised and disappointed as the result unfolded. Then again maybe she like everyone else was just hung over. Hey she's a star any way you look at it and nothing can be taken away from her performance on the night.

Kurt was just totally taken by surprise and blown away by the result.

Victoria Beckham (was she lip syncing?) and Elton John both performed. The result was called out very much like the Eurovision contest with a country by country call out of the votes and a progressive tally.

I can't say I'm not disappointed that Guy did not win, but either one of Kurt, Kelly or Guy would have been worthy winners, so well done to Kurt.

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kurk nielsen definitely won over kelly in the world idol competition, its july 2006 and i still think about his performance, it just blew me away. whats going on with him these days, does he have a cd out?
thanks sharon

Posted by: sharon davis at Jul 31, 2006 8:54:04 AM