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February 29, 2004

Eliza Dushku supports fans efforts to save angel

Did I mention how Faith is probably my favourite Buffy/Angel character...

Eliza Dushku appeared on On Air with Ryan Seacrest earlier this week where she discussed the cancelation of Angel and the fans effort to save the show...The former Buffy star admitted that she was shocked and angry about the decision from the WB and went on to express her sympathy for the the fans saying how horrible it is for them to lose Buffy one year and Angel the next. She then added that she fully supports all the fans working hard to save the show. More...

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February 28, 2004

Whedon, Singer Pen 'X-Men'

This may be old news for some but Sci Fi Wire reports that Joss Whedon and Bryan Singer are in final negotiations to write X-Men comics for Marvel Comics.

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Fifth Film Is 'Batman Begins'

It's official...

Warner Brothers will call its upcoming fifth caped crusader movie Batman Begins, not Batman: Intimidation Game, as has been widely rumored, Variety reported. The fifth installment in the franchise returns the story to its origins, about billionaire Bruce Wayne and how he puts on the cowl and cape to face his first foes in Gotham City, the trade paper reported. [Sci Fi Wire] More...

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More Marvel Films Coming

According to this report from Sci Fi Wire we can as well as The Punisher starring Thomas Jane, John Travolta and Rebecca Romijn-Stamos (Mystique from XMen 1 and 2), we can expect a sequel and also films based on two characters I have always thought were pretty cool, Iron Fist and Black Widow.

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Charlize Theron Stars As 'Aeon Flux'

I've been a fan for a while, I think she'll deservedly win the Oscar (even though it would be great if "our" Naomi bagged it) and this looks cools...

Charlize Theron will star in Aeon Flux, an SF movie based on the MTV animated series...In Aeon Flux, Theron will play an acrobatic superheroine assigned to kill the government leader 400 years in the future, in a world where humans live under a protective bubble after a virus has wiped out most of humankind. [Sci Fi Wire] More...

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March 12 declared "International Rally to Save Angel Day."

Angel fans get militant...

Save Angel Rally declares

We, the dedicated fans of Angel, have decided to demonstrate to the WB Network what we think of them cancelling our favorite show. And so Friday, March 12 is declared International Rally to Save Angel Day. If you love Angel as much as we do, please come out and help us show how much we love Angel.

So far the only rally planned is for Los Angeles.

Read the call to arms here.

Yes, there are more important things to get angry about but as the song goes "it's a mad world..."

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The Cat With Hands

Creepy...The Cat with Hands

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February 22, 2004

I feel GREAT! | token

Been a while since I've come a across a cool internet ad...check out I feel GREAT!

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February 21, 2004

Jap Anime to Movie 'Casshern' looks awesome!

Check out the Trailer(high bandwidth) for Casshern, which as far as I can work out, started out as a Japanese TV series in the 70s, then became an animated series and now a movie. It looks totally awesome (in the truest sense of that word). If you want to try a lower bandwidth check the official movie website.

[Link courtesy Nando Costa via KALIBER10000]

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February 20, 2004

Gellar Talks Scooby 2

Sarah Michelle Gellar talks about Scooby-Doo 2 to Sci Fi Wire and has this to say about Seth Green (Oz) who also appears,

Gellar...said it was fun to share the stage again with former Buffy co-star Green. "It's great," she said. "If I had my druthers I'd work with Seth on every project. ... He's an amazing comedian, he's an incredibly gifted comedian, but he's also a really giving comedian. A lot of times when you get people that are so incredibly innately funny, it's about them. They're funny. And what Seth does is tries to make everything funny. It's not just him. He'll be the first one to come to you and say, 'I have this great idea for this line. And you should do this in this part.'"

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