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June 14, 2004

Designer by Day, Catwoman by Night

Designer by Day, Catwoman by Night, from Design Observer, laments the potrayal of graphic designers in the upcoming film Catwoman, where Halle Berry plays the title Jekyll-and-Hyde role, whose character is split between a shy, retiring graphic designer and an untamed, feline superhero,

It looks like Hollywood has yet again dramatized a profession that in truth, is better characterized by toiling into the wee hours. (I, for one, have never known a journalist who ended his reporting day at 5pm any more than I know any graphic designers who are nine-to-fivers.) Does "graphic designer" as a character type suggest a kind of banal anonymity, a chameleonlike identity? Or is it just an amorphous character type: in other words, just as "graphic designer" may be the antidote to superhero, is it also the opposite of villain?

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