December 27, 2003

Idol: New NZ Idol Weblog

Check out the new NZ Idol Weblog. Given that Idol is such a mass pehnomenon it is surprising that no one has done this before. Also check this story, A Popstar's view of the Pop-Idol phenomena.

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the year in reality TV, 2003

reality blurred: the reality TV weblog is a blog by Andy Denhart devoted entirely to US reality TV shows and makes for interesting reading. Check out Andy's review of the year in reality TV, 2003.

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November 04, 2003

A new home

This is the third and final resting place for this weblog. Whilst in the process of exploring the whole blog thing, I tried out many tools. This particluar blog started off in iBlog which came free with my .Mac account. I then moved it to my Radio account, when the I moved my web design blog to it's permamnent home at my portfolio website (still under construction) where it is powered by Moveable Type. I love MT and will eventually get around the blog when I get time. Then TypePad came along. I was immdeitely sold on its standards support and the features/storage space that came with the package. I've been meaning ever since to make the move, to make this site my play blogs area. Again I will evetually get round to tweaking the look of this blog and have a couple of other future plans too.

Now as the subject matter of the blog is, and has been, trivial, disposable and of liitle consequence to the world, I'm not going to bother with moving archives etc. Until I figure out what I'm doing with my Radio site (if anything), I keep my previous posts accesible.

Oh and I have bothered with links in this post. You'll find them in the menu area to your left.

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